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DIGI-S1: Digivice


Feed and battle your DIGI-S1 Digital Monster to help it grow stronger and raise levels. At certain levels your Digimon will evolve into something much stronger.
Make sure to clean up after it and do not feed it too many pizzas or else
your Digital Monster will get sick and evolve into an evil Digimon .
Keep your virtual pet happy by feeding it the right amount of junk food and
by battling.
There are five Buttons for the DIGI-S1; Stats, Food, Clean, Medical, and Battle.
The Stats Button shows lots of things about the Digimon like; happiness, hunger, level, speed, powerdefense and health.
The spinning gear in the corner of the Stats Page is the Settings Button.
The Food Button gives two choices to feed the Digimon. Pizza and apples. Apples fill 1 hunger space. Pizzas give 2 spaces.
The Clean Button cleans up after Digimon. If two or more poops pile up your little guy could get sick depending on the level.
The Medical Button will heal a sick or hurt Monster.
The Battle Button with randomly select an opponent to fight. Winning fights will raise levels and evolve Monsters.
During battle, dodge an attack by tapping your Digital Monster right before the attack hits. Shake your phone when you see "COUNT", like the old D3 Digivice this is to power up the attack.
Thanks for downloading!